KWIK MIX 11 lb. Grey Trowel and Bond Topping Cement

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KWIK MIX 11 lb. Grey Trowel and Bond Topping Cement is a perfectly proportioned blend of acrylic polymer, Portland Cement and specialty aggregates. It is used as an overlay or re-surfacer (topping) for floors and walls. The Topping Cement contains a polymer bonding agent for a strong chemical bond that is 8 times stronger than regular concrete. It can be used for repairing broken and chipped concrete, resurfacing spalled or damaged concrete, pointing or setting brick or creating ramps and elevating surfaces. For best results under normal conditions damp curing is not required. Surface should be protected from wind and direct sunlight. Do not use outside bonding agents with this product.


  • Pre-blended and ready to use. Just add water.
  • Exceeds ASTM C-387 specification for strength when mixed and installed as directed.
  • 11 lbs of Super Bond Topping Cement covers 1 sq ft to about 1 inch thickness