KWIK MIX 11 lb. Grey PLUG and STOP Hydraulic Cement

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Expected July 31, 2024
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KWIK MIX 11 lb. Grey PLUG and STOP Hydraulic Cement is a perfectly proportioned blend of high quality Portland Cement, special silica sand, plasticizer and a set accelerator. It is a fast setting high strength concrete plug which can be used to fill spaces, cracks and holes in concrete. Perfect for plug cracks, anchors bolts, water leaks, seawalls, cisterns and more. Due to the short working time ensure that the preparation is done before mixing. It should not be re-mixed or used as a surface patch.


  • Pre-blended and ready to use - Just add water
  • Exceeds ASTM C-387 specification for strength when mixed and installed as directed
  • Expands to mechanically lock and hold
  • Initial set: 3 - 5 minutes; traffic bearing: 8 hrs
  • Mixes to consistency of putty, can be shaped
  • Sets rock-hard under water; ideal for leaks


Relative Set Time5 minutes (ASTM C807)
Compressive Strength24 hours 3500 psi (ASTM C579B)
Compressive Strength28 days 7500 psi (ASTM C579B)