DuraDrive 6 lb. 34 in. Sledge Hammer with Fibreglass Handle

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DuraDrive 6 lb. 34 in. Sledge Hammer with Fibreglass Handle is perfect for construction and landscaping projects. The versatile DuraDrive 6 lb. Sledge Hammer with Fibreglass Handle is up for any work challenge. The double-face Sledge Hammer head features two flat striking zones on each end to provide greater contact and striking surface while reducing chipping accidents. Lightweight yet powerful, the double injected fiberglass handle offers a confident, secure grip, swing after swing. The shock-absorbent handle works to reduce vibration, while the bright red-color shaft makes it easy to locate in your garage or on job-sites. This Sledge Hammer can be used to construct halls, scaffold systems, tents and fences. It can also be used for maintenance work or with a wedge to split timber. Whatever the job, this DuraDrive 6 lb. Sledge Hammer with Fiberglass Handle is a must-have tool for your work shed


  • Lightweight design for convenient storage
  • High Carbon Steel Forged head, induction hardened for maximum strength
  • Perfect for destruction work, breaking dry wall or masonry walls
  • Ergonomic Fibreglass Handle, shaped and thickened for improved comfort and less vibration
  • Double Side Grip – Position and textured rubber design ensures a comfortable and secure grip
  • Thicker handle and textured rubber over-mold just below striking head provides increased overstrike protection
  • Durable handle is interlocked and epoxy sealed into the eye of the head ensuring enhanced durability and longevity of the hammer