MST-BAR 15 mm x 20 ft. Fibreglass Rebar

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MST-BAR 15 mm x 20 ft. Fibreglass Rebar is a proven economical solution to reinforcing concrete structure. With a life span of more than 100 years, MST-BAR® is more durable & much longer lasting solution over galvanized, epoxy coated and stainless steel. Approved & Manufactured in compliance with CSA S807 & ACI 440.


  • 100 % Non-Corrosive
  • Non-Magnetic
  • Stronger than steel
  • Light weight -1/4 the weight of Steel
  • Electrical insulator
  • Thermal insulator
  • Can be cut using steel saw, a band saw and or grinder with a diamond blade
  • Same installation as steel rebar but does not require bends
  • Much higher fatigue resistance than steel
  • Made in Canada


Tensile Strength1000 Mpa (145 ksi)
Bond Strength to Concrete20 Mpa Minimum (2900 Psi Minimum)
Tensile Modulus65 Gpa (9427 ksi)
Tensile Load202 kN (45411 lbf)
Ultimate Strain (efu)1.6 %
Resistance to Alkali Environment90% of ultimate tensile capacity after 2160 hours of direct exposure to an alkali solution with a pH level of 13 at 60 degrees Celsius
Glass Transition temperature125 Degrees Celsius
Minimum Operating Temperature-40 degrees Celsius with Zero effect
ApplicationsBridges, EMI & RFI Applications, Water Treatment, Dams, Parking garages, Tunnel Applications, Roads, Medical Technology Centers and more
Meets Many StandardsCSA-S6-06, CSA-S806-02, ISIS Design Manual No. 3, ISIS Design Manual No. 5, ACI 440.1R-06, ACI 440R-07, ACI 440.5-08, ACI 440.6-08, AASHTO GFRP-1
StorageLong-term outdoor storage requires tarping to prevent UV damage