WOODOWL 03803 Nail Chipper Tri-Cut Auger Bit 3/8x18"

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Award-winning Nail Chipper auger bits utilize a Tri-Cut design to chip away at nails in studs and other framework, leaving a cleaner hole for conduit, wiring, etc. Safer to use when encountering fasteners by nearly eliminating kick-back encountered with traditional ship augers. Lightweight design extends tool and battery life. Easily resharpened. 7/16” quick-change shank. 18" OAL. 3/8" DIA.


  • Made in Japan
  • Designed to chip away nails
  • Leaves cleaner hole for conduit, wiring etc
  • Dramatically reduces kick-back
  • Easily resharpened
  • Nail Chipper Tri-Cut Auger 18" x 3/8"