Wera 05020503001 6003 Joker 24 mm Metric Combination Wrench

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Wera 05020503001 6003 Joker 24 mm Metric Combination Wrench has the combination of the 7.5° pivoted mouth and the double hexagon geometry that doubles the placement points. A repeated 180° turn of the wrench around the longitudinal axis during screwdriving provides four placement possibilities, and bolts or screw heads can be engaged every 15°. The Joker 6003 with its smart mouth geometry significantly expands the range of uses in confined spaces. The Joker 6003 will automatically find the respective placement point after every turn. The slim yet robust ring side is angled by 15° to the tool axis. The high-quality surface treatment achieves a high and long-lasting corrosion protection. With tool finder Take it easy: colour coding by size.


  • Especially suitable for tight spaces
  • The special mouth geometry expands the placement possibilities of the tool
  • The low return angle in the mouth "takes" the screw every 15-Degree
  • Slim ring side angled by 15-Degree
  • With take it easy tool finder: colour coding by size


Wrench Size24 mm
Total Length280 mm
External Dimensions Mouth53 mm
Head Thickness8 mm
External Dimensions- Ratchet Wrench36 mm
Max. Head Height14 mm