VONT 8 in. Insulated High Leverage Combination Plier

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VONT 8 in. Insulated High Leverage Combination Plier is forged from hardened and high quality special tool steel from Solingen, in Germany. It requires 20% less effort than conventional combination pliers to reduce hand fatigue. Combination pliers grip, bend, hold, pull, and turn various materials on the jobsite for installation and repair work. The high-leverage technology requires less force to get the same job done as conventional pliers.


  • Precise tempered (64 HRC) cutting edges for longer tool life and easy cutting of soft, hard and ACSR wire
  • Gripping and cutting zones for quickly moving between gripping, pulling and cutting
  • Tethering tool loop for fall protection when working at heights
  • Forged in Germany
  • Dramatically less cutting effort required compared to
  • Traditional pliers thanks to the placement of the joint
  • Area close the cutting edge.
  • Insulated Plier is ideal for live working up to 1000V AC or 1500V DC. Versatile gripping and  precision cutting zones. Solid steel construction