Tytan TYTA0981 24 oz. Fire Block Extreme Type-V Expanding Insulating Spray Foam Gun-Grade Sealant

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The TYTAN TYTA0981 24-oz. Fire Block Insulating Foam Sealant is ready to use polyurethane expanding foam formulated for filling, insulating and sealing gaps, cracks and openings in the interior and exterior of buildings. Tytan Fire Block Foam has been tested according to ASTM-E814 (modified), NFPA 268 and meets the requirements for fire blocking penetrations around wires, pipes, ducts and other penetrating items in single-family residential construction. Tytan Fire Block Foam Sealant is an ICC Evaluation Service approved fire blocking material per ICC-ES Report 3302. This multi-purpose formula creates a durable, airtight and waterproof seal that stops air infiltration, provides high insulation value and saves time and energy. It has excellent adhesion to most building surfaces including wood, glass, metal, masonry and plastic. It is environmentally friendly with no CFC’s or CFC’s or HCFC’s, and it is UL Classified.


  • Tested to UL723
  • Tested to ASTM E814 (modified)
  • Tested to NFPA 286
  • Product complies with International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC) fire blocking requirements
  • Type V residential fireblock as evaluated by ICC-ES report ES 3302
  • Inhibits the passage of fire through residential utility penetrations
  • Excellent sealing against gas and smoke
  • All-direction dispensing – more comfortable application in places that are hard to reach
  • Easy-to-Use 
  • Durable airtight seal – stops air infiltration, drafts and energy loss
  • Excellent for interior and exterior applications


NFPA 30B ClassificationLevel 3 Aerosol Product Features
ColorBright Orange Color for Easy Identification
Shelf life18 months
Cutting Time60 minutes
Fully Cured24 Hours
Optimal Application Temperatures32°F - 95°F