Tremco 93170XC330 300-mL Dark Grey Acoustical Sealant

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Tremco 300mL Acoustical Curtainwall Sealant is a single component, non-skinning, non-hardening synthetic rubber sealant. Tremco Acoustical Curtainwall Sealant was developed for acoustical sealing of drywall partitions, curtainwalls, corridors and party walls. This sealant also is used as a lap joint and perimeter sealant for polyethylene vapor barriers over fiberglass batt or other insulations and may be used in contact with polystyrene.

The application of Tremco Acoustical/Curtainwall Sealant greatly increases the Sound Transmission Class (STC value) of a system and reduces the decibel level when one or more beads are applied to a joint.