Toolway MagTorch 80025117 14.1 oz. Eco-G1 Haz Propane Cylinder

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Expected August 18, 2023
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Toolway 14.1 oz. Propane Cylinder

Toolway 80025117 14.1 oz. Propane Cylinder is designed to fuel standard hand torches in order to complete jobs such as light soldering, softening putty and paint, removing rusty bolts and nuts, and thawing frozen locks. Constructed of durable steel, the slim, lightweight cylinder is easy to grip and manoeuvre. Flame temperature in air is 3,600 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Designed to work with standard propane torches, 14 oz propane-filled cylinders are ideal for small heating and soft soldering tasks
  • The slim, lightweight cylinder is easy to grip and maneuver


Width7.47 cm
Depth7.47 cm
Height27.03 cm