Grabo Nemo Analog Power Lifter Kit

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Grabo Nemo Analog Power Lifter Kit

Nemo GRABO Classic - The electric suction cup can lift up to 375lbs, is designed to work with dry, rough and porous material -- and is trusted by leading industry professionals. NEMO GRABO comes as a complete unit, with pre-installed battery and vacuum seal.


  • The suction is strong enough to hold firm even loads as heavy as 375 lbs - Can lift up to 170 KG
  • pumping capacity of 20 liters per minute
  • Rubber-protected pressure gauge will allow you to always monitor the vacuum pressure level.
  • effective on smooth and coarse(rough )surfaces
  • 1.5hrs Non-Stop Running Time (Full Charge)


A Classic Grabo tool (2021 version), a mechanical pressure gauge with protective rubber cover, a multi socket charger, one seal (1 in total), one battery (1 in total), an English manual and a tough canvas carry bag. Product is packed in a color cardboard box (English version).