Komelon LED Metric 26ft. Tape Measure

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Komelon LED MET 26ft. Tape Measure

This ultra compact, professional LED tape measure is the industries first! The built in LED light is strong enough to light up any dark environment, ensuring an accurate measurement.

The LED has an auto shutoff after 5 minutes, in the event it accidentally gets turned on. It also comes equipped with a USB cable for lightning fast battery charges. A full charge will allow for 3 hours of continuous run time.


  • Built in strong LED Light with conveniently placed power button
  • Ultra-compact case resembling the size of a 16' tape measure
  • Non-Glare white blade
  • Nylon coated blade for maximum durability
  • Dual Sided Printing

Package Includes

  • USB Charger Cable
  • LED MET Tape Measure