Pica 30800 Dry Pencil Metal Set

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Pica Pencil Metal Set #30800

The Pica Metal Set with Scribing Needle is ideally suited for marking metal. The Needle is extremely robust and durable and enables precise marking on all metal surfaces including rough or textured materials. Our #30800 Metal Set includes one Pica Dry #3030 with grey coloured cap as to be quickly identified from our original #3030. It comes pre loaded with 2B lead and includes a Scribing Needle in a robust case for safe storage. Available only in Blister pack, Needle not sold separately. The Scribing Needle must be inserted from the top of the pencil and not the tip. This will prevent damage to the internal components of the Pica Pencil. Damage to the Pencil from improper use will void any warranty.