STABILA 78496 TYPE 196 Heavy-Duty Level Set Kit

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STABILA 78496 TYPE 196 Heavy-Duty Level Set Kit comes together with 10" Magnetic Die Cast Torpedo Level and one level carrying case. The levels have are unparalleled with regard to their accuracy and dependability. The secret - the vials made of block acrylic glass are firmly epoxy-locked in the frame. A perfect system. The vial is firmly cast in the high strength aluminum frame with non-shrink epoxy. No re-adjustment, no realignment, no tensioning against springs made of steel or fatigued plastic, no welding or clamping stresses.

The kit contains a complete set includes 78", 48", 32", 24", 16", Torpedo, and Level Case


Stabila Type 196 78", 48", 32", 24" and 16" Levels

  • Vials read the same in all positions
  • Bright easy to read vials will not leak, break, fog or require re-calibration
  • Rib-reinforced frame for high strength and light weight. Frame will not warp or twist
  • Rubberized hand grips for comfort and grip
  • Shock-absorbing removable endcaps: Prevent slipping on walls and marking walls. Endcaps can be removed to carry pencil lines tight into corners
  • Large metal hang hole to store the level up and off of the work surface
  • Electrostatic enamel finish: baked on tough, cleans up with water and brush
  • Made in Germany

Stabila 10 in. Magnetic Die Cast Torpedo Level

  • Rare-earth magnets for superior grip
  • Vials are big, bright and easy to read
  • Strong cast aluminum profile
  • Easy to hold trapezoidal shape
  • Vials never leak, fog or need adjustment

Stabila 30015 Level Carrying Case

  • Made with durable polyester
  • Convenient carrying strap
  • Multi level pocketed


  • 78" Type 196 Level
  • 48" Type 196 Level
  • 32" Type 196 Level
  • 24" Type 196 Level
  • 16: Type 196 Level
  • 10" Torpedo Level
  • Carrying Case


Manufacturer Part Number78496
Item Weight9.5 Kg