SKILSAW SPT88-01 15 Amp 12 in. Dual Bevel Sliding Mitre Saw

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SKILSAW SPT88-01 15 Amp 12 in. Dual Bevel Sliding Mitre Saw is a mightier miter saw. Backed by legendary Worm Drive gearing, the 12" Miter Saw combines dependable quality and lightweight portability into one powerful tool. The time-tested Worm Drive provides relentless power with a 15 AMP Dual-Field motor that keeps cool on the job, increasing longevity and work efficiency. Dual bevel capabilities allow for both left and right cuts, paired with adjustable bevel stops and 4" x 14" cross cut capacities to let you handle any joints on the jobsite. This saw is the lightest in its class - making for easy transportation.


  • Worm Drive delivers the relentless power and trusted durability needed to get the job done on any jobsite
  • Lightest-in-class construction and convenient top handle makes transportation easy
  • LED Shadow Light provides high precision cuts with greater accuracy than lasers
  • 15 AMP Dual-Field motor keeps the motor cooler, increasing longevity and work efficiency
  • 4" x 14" cross cut capacity lets you handle any cut needed for the job
  • Dual bevel cutting capacity for both left and right cuts gives you more flexibility, while adjustable 0° and 45° bevel stop presets provide greater accuracy


  • SPT88 12 In. SKILSAW® Worm Drive Dual Bevel Sliding Miter Saw
  • SKILSAW 60 tooth carbide blade
  • Dust Bag
  • (2) Crown Stops
  • Dust Elbow
  • Clamp
  • 2 Size Allen Wrench
  • Miter Lock Knob


Power15A, 120VAC, 60 Hz
Maximum RPM4,000 No Load RPM
Maximum Miter Angle60° right, 50° left
Maximum Miter Angle48° right and left
Miter Detents0°, 15°, 22.5°, 31.6°, 45° right and left, 60° right, 50° left
Bevel Stops0°, 22.5°, 33.9°, 45°, 48° left and right"
Weight51 lbs
Capacity 0° / 0°4" x 14"
Capacity 45° / 0°4" x 10"
Capacity 0° / 45°2" x 14"
Capacity 45° / 45°2" x 10"
Molding Capacity 0° / 45° Left Miter6-1/2"
Molding Capacity 0° / 45° Right Miter3-1/2"
Nested Crown Capacity 52°5-1/2"
Crown Capacity, Flat11-1/2"