Selsil 700g Polyurethane Construction Grade Adhesive Wood Glue

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Selsil 700g PU Construction Grade Adhesive is one component, polyurethane based wood adhesive, which cures with moisture of air and has excellent resistance abilities to impact of water. It can be used on all wooden materials, hardwood, mdf, slab surfaces, door and window frames, wood made ships and yachts and furniture industry.


  • Speed and high adhesion strength
  • Low pressure time with its efficient formulation.
  • Solvent Free
  • Suitable for different type of substrates/surfaces
  • Water resistant


Package size700g
Chemical Structure:Polyurethane
Appearance:Clear/slightly yellow
Density1,14 ± 0,03 g/cm3
Viscosity5000± 500 cps
Tack free time<15min
Consumption130-150 ml/m2