Selsil 400ml + 100g Two Part MDF Rapid Adhesive Instant Super Glue

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The Selsil 400-mL + 100-g Two Part MDF Rapid Adhesive Instant Super Glue is the fastest curing high performance cyanoacrylate adhesive superglue. When used together with the activator spray, bonding time is reduced to mere seconds with an incredible bonding strength which is nearly impossible to break. What makes Selsil Rapid Adhesive so unique is its ability to achieve a cure in as little as 3 seconds, allowing you to use the fixed or repaired item immediately, No waiting for hours, clamping, taping or nails. It is not just simply strong glue it is an instant weld on demand, it's a whole new method of adhesion Selsil has the ability to bond and harden on demand in one second when the aerosol activator is applied. Just apply the adhesive on one side of the material, spray the accelerator on the other side (for the fastest bond), press them together, align quickly, and your done.


  • Highest industrial standards and bonds most dissimilar materials: plastic, MDF, wood, stone, metal, glass, polyurethane (PU), vinyl, leather etc
  • Selsil Rapid Adhesive has become the dream product alongside silicone and duct tape
  • No nails, clamps or fastening devices are necessary to hold parts together as it bonds in mere seconds
  • Instant super glue solution
  • Very fast setting
  • Strong and durable bond
  • Easy application
  • Suitable all type surfaces , even for porous materials