Selsil 290mL White OCTOTACK Construction Adhesive

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Selsil 290mL White OCTOTACK is a universal adhesive with very high initial tack in the first 5-seconds of application.  Once cured it has a holding power of 300 kg per meter. OCTOTACK is an environmentally friendly single component, low modulus moisture curing STP (Silane Terminated Polymer) hybrid sealant that delivers a non-toxic seal without the VOC fumes of polyurethane-based adhesives. OCTOTACK bonds in moist conditions, and adheres to materials including ceramic, stone, brick, metal, glass, most plastics, wood, plaster, concrete, drywall and other substrates.


  • Exceptional thixotropy
  • Indoor &  outdoor applications
  • 300 KG holding power
  • Permanently elastic & flexible
  • Non-sag
  • No bubble formation 
  • Shrink-proof
  • Paintable
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Solvent free
  • UV resistant
  • Eco friendly
  • Odorless (VOC free)


Chemical BaseSilane Terminated Polymer
Specific Gravity (ASTM D 1045-86)1.56 (+/- 0.03) G/CM3
Tack Free Time (25 Degree Celsius and 50% R.H)Approximately 5-10 minutes
Shore Hardness (ASTM D 53505)50 (+/- 5)
Elongation at Break (DIN 53504)> 300 %
Tensile Strength (%) (DIN 53504)> 1.90 
Application Temperature5° Celsius to 35° Celsius
Temperature Resistance-40°  Celsius to 90° Celsius
Not Suitable SubstratesPE, PP, PTFE
Applications for UseSign making; Automotive; Marine; Mounting mirrors & Glass, PVC; Panels and Cover plates; Roof Façade; Mineral Wool insulation; Thermal isolation panels (PUR,PIR, PS); Landscaping; Construction of Windows & Doors; Hanging Artwork; and more.
DispensingRequires a high-thurst cartridge caulking sealant gun.  Such as item #21404
Packaging290 mL