SABERCUT Multi-App Speed Turbo Continuous Diamond Blade 14" X 1"-20mm

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The SABERCUT 14-inch multi-application turbo continuous blade is engineered for super fast cutting in cured concrete, reinforced concrete, block, stone, granite, overlay, and brick. The reinforced centre hub and cooling vents will ensure quieter and smoother, that will help you power to your most demanding tasks.


  • Super fast, smooth cutting
  • Reinforced centre hub for quieter cuts
  • Venting holes for cooler blade, longer service life
  • Best value – less cost, more cuts
  • High quality diamond, lasered segment
  • Thick, strong steel core tensioned for stability
  • Ideal for wet or dry cutting


Blade Diameter:14"
Blade Arbor:1” – 20MM
Maximum RPM:4,400
Configuration:Continuous Turbo
Grit Type:Diamond
Ideally used with:Cut-Off Saws, Masonary saw
Application:Wet or Dry Cutting
Material Application:Cured concrete, Block, Stone, Granite, Overlay, Brick
Number of pieces in package:1