SABERCUT 4-Cutter MultiMaterial Drill Bit Set (5-Piece)

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SABERCUT 4-Cutter MultiMaterial Drill Bit Set (5-Piece) is designed for fast penetration and a perfect clean hole. The 4-cutter head stops wandering & chatter as you drill through wood, brick, metal, slate, plastic, and composite, making precise clean cuts.


  • 4-Cutter aggressive tip design
  • Drills wood, brick, metal, plastic, composite
  • L shaped flute to evacuate the chips quickly
  • 118 Degree cutting edge
  • Made in France
  • Use in rotating mode except for stone


Widths1/8 in., 5/32 in., 3/16 in., 1/4 in., 5/16 in.
Shank TypeStraight shank
Edge TypePositive sharpening