Pyramex VGPME10 Clandestine Electronic Earmuffs

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Pyramex Clandestine Electronic Earmuff has sound hearing amplification, HD clear sound speakers, and rapid nose suppression. These earmuffs are soft, comfortable, and have a soft adjustable headband to fit each head size. These headphones automatically amplify sound and shut off if sound exceeds 85DB. The easy volume button and battery compartment are on the outside of the headphones for easy access.


  • Amplifies hearing, while compressing harmful sounds and reducing them to a safe level
  • External access for easy battery replacement
  • Soft and comfortable: adjustable headband, slim profile ear cups, and collapse for easy storage
  • HD Clear Sound Speakers: Omni directional microphone allows you to pick up on the sounds happening around you
  • Rapid noise suppression


  • (2) AAA Batteries


Noise Reduction Rating24 dB
Cup Thickness3.2 mm
Weight0.7 lbs (324 g)