Pyramex GB10010TM Torser H2MAX Anti-Fog Clear Lens Safety Glasses

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The Pyramex GB10010TM Torser H2MAX Anti-Fog Safety Glasses with Clear Lens and Black Strap creates a high performing, superior anti-fog coating that is durable enough to withstand repeated cleaning without losing adhesion. H2MAX ensures maximum clarity in the most extreme temperature and humidity conditions, and it also adds a layer to the lens that is abrasion, chemical, and UV-resistant.


  • Dielectric
  • Flexible rubber gasket
  • Ratchet elastic headband with quick-fit retainer
  • Passes D3: Droplet and Splash Test, and D4: Dust Test
  • Clear lens is for indoor applications that require impact protection


Closest Point Between Lens15mm
Closest Point Between Strap Holding Parts145mm / Strap Length 580mm
Lens Base8 Curve
Lens Size Diagonal70.6mm
Lens Size Vertical49.8mm
Lens Thickness2.0mm
Overall Width (Hinge-Hinge)70mm
Visible Light Transmitted (380-780nm)96%
UVA, UVB Blocked (200-380nm)100%
Blue Light Blocked (400-700nm)9%
IR Blocked (780-2000nm)18%