Profiler+ Ultimate Scribing Tool

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Profiler+ Ultimate Scribing Tool

Profiler+®, The Ultimate Scribing Tool, enables you to transfer the outline of a wall or other existing surface onto any material with speed and accuracy every time. Use the easy glide wheels or precision tip using your favourite marker. The Profiler+® will replicate and transfer the outline of the surface onto your workpiece by producing an exact cutting line to work to. When the material is cut along this line, your material will fit perfectly.


  • Save Time and Money
  • Professional Results
  • Any Profile
  • Any Material
  • Applications: Worktops & In fill panels, Gables and Paneling, Stud Walls, Tiling and Paving, Wood, Vinyl and Laminate Flooring and much more.
  • With robust construction designed to meet the demands of industry, ergonomic design for ease of use and a convenient size to work where space is limited and easy transportation, the Profiler+® is not only useful when the wall or other surface is undulated, there is no limit! It will detect any variation on the surface and transfer that to the material quickly and accurately
  • Precision Tip for Complex Profiles
  • Adjustable Pencil Holder
  • Easy Glide Wheels


Length (in.)7.5
Width (in.)1.5
Height (in.)1.5
Weight (lb.)0.25