Peakworks RASI-3 3 ft. Anchor Sling Durastraps Safety Strap (10-Pack)

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Peakworks RASI-3 3 ft. Anchor Sling Durastraps Safety Strap (10-Pack) are offered in a variety of materials and lengths to satisfy the needs of industry. Each part is thoroughly tested during the product development stage and is batch tested to confirm conformance. All PeakWorks Anchor Slings have a minimum tensile strength of 5,000 lbs.


  • Compliance: ANSI Z359.1-92 (Anchorage Connector Components) & OSHA requirements.
  • Component Compatibility: PeakWorks anchor slings are designed for use with PeakWorks approved components or Subsystems (full body harnesses, lifelines, rope grabs, connectors, self retracting lifelines, etc.) or as recommended by A Qualifed Person.
  • Warnings: See Operating and Maintenance Instruction Manual for details.
  • Storage: Store in a cool dry place away from chemicals, water, corrosive environments, and sources of heat or spark


Length3 ft.
Material(61 mm) Natural Polyester Tie-down Webbing
Minimum Breaking Strength5,000 lbs (22.2 kN)
Capacity140 kg (310 lbs) for one worker (combined weight of person, tools, clothing, etc)
Operating Temperature-35 C to +35C