A unique technology that gets stronger over time.

With over a decade of research and development in the field of sustainable and environmentally friendly wood preservation, Okolux™ offers a water-based treatment that protects lumber from degradation and fire by employing silicate technology that protects and preserves wood by coating every single exposed fibre.


When the unique Okolux™ formula is applied to wood, it penetrates and coats its organic fibres, making them resistant to natural degradation and making it stronger. The resulting product is perfect for outdoor builds, exposed wood, and siding, among countless other projects. In addition, Okolux™ is usable immediately after treatment.


  • 100% Non-Toxic and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) free
  • Ground contact lumber that does not leach into the soil
  • No varnishes, sealers or topcoats are needed
  • No dangerous fumes are released when exposed to fire*

* Fire retardant according to Canadian S-102 and American E-84 Standards.


Four lumber standard dimensions to meet you needs.

34751- 1 inch x 6 inches x 6 feet

34752- 2 inches x 4 inches x 8 feet

34753- 2 inches x 6 inches x 8 feet

34754- 6 inches x 6 inches x 10 feet

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Okolux™ is a 100% naturally preserved, fire resistant building material that is not subject the natural degradation and other destructive forces that normally affect wood.

Okolux™ treated lumber, exposed to an external flame will self-extinguish within seconds, when the flame source is removed. During exposure to an external source of fire, significantly less smoke development occurs.

Water repellency and moisture resistance offer crucial protection for materials used in construction or in direct contact with soil. Okolux™ treated lumber ensures that the wood’s quality and composition will not be affected when in contact with any type of moisture.

All exposed fibres are encased in silicates after the wood treatment. Therefore, mould, insects, or any other organic organism will no longer recognize treated fibres as a source of nutrition.

Okolux™ can efficiently absorb a high volume of Ultraviolet (UV) rays (98%) and is very stable to light fading.
Fibres are thus protected against damages caused by the sun.
This results in an extended lifespan for the lumber.

Okolux's 100% naturally preserved products don't contain harmful, toxic chemicals or produce emissions that could contaminate the surrounding soil, throughout its lifecycle.
Okolux™ products are non-toxic, made following sustainable practices, making them safe for installers, workers or the people living within its structure.