MAX SN890CH3 34-Degree Clipped Head Stick Nailer with Rafter Hook and Swivel

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The Max Super Framer SN890CH3(34) strip framing nailer shoots a wide range of fasteners from 2 in. to 3 1/2 in., plastic or paper collated nails. The SN890CH3(34) features our patented maintenance free end cap filter, weighs only 7 lbs. The SN890CH3 has a comfortable rubber grip, reduced recoil engineering system, trigger lever lock and now comes with a rafter hook and a swivel plug.


  • Applications: Framing, Sheathing, Sub flooring, Decking, Siding, Crating
  • Compact design only 12-1/2" in height
  • Selective trigger system
  • Open Nose for easy jam clearance
  • Dial adjustable depth control
  • Pointy teeth on contact arm
  • Maintenance free end cap filter
  • Comfortable rubber grip


Firing MethodSelective trigger system (Single fire only or anti-double fire mechanism)
Load Capacity90 nails
Operating Pressure70-100 psi (Regulator)
Air Consumption0.077ft3 /cycle (90 psi operating pressure)

Item Length:17.125 in.Item Width:4.75 in.
Item Height:12.5 in.Item Weight:7.1 lbs.