LEPAGE 2282611 100mL Re-New Specialty White Silicone Sealer

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LEPAGE 2282611 100mL Re-New Specialty White Silicone Sealer is an innovative solution for repairing ugly looking caulk in your kitchen and bathroom. Easily repair molding, yellowing and cracking old sealant joints in only one-step. No need to take out the old sealant, just pass over the existing sealant with LePage Re-New Specialty Silicone for a long lasting and durable seal. As easy as using a highlighter with professional-like quality. LePage RE-NEW kills, repels and prevents mold from growing once properly applied. One tube of LePage Re-New covers one typical shower/tub application. Re-New your caulk like new, with LePage Re-New.


  • Apply on top of existing sealant - No need to remove the old sealant
  • Triple protection mold resistance - repels, kills and prevents mold
  • Flexible and Waterproof
  • Integrated auto-smoothing applicator
  • Easy to apply, clean and correct


Size100 ml (3.3 fl. oz.)
PackageCarded Tube