Ladder Limb 122238 Ladder Safety Hook

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The Ladder Limb 122238 Ladder Safety Hook will fit into most ladder systems including folding ladders, 3 stage ladders and some step ladders. It’s a handy tool and safety device for gutter cleaners, decorators, roofers, window installers, insulation installers, window cleaners, electricians, plumbers, builders, joiners, gardeners, maintenance teams, facilities management, lighting installers, tv and satellite installers, rough-casters, telecommunications engineers, cctv installers and many, many more.


  • Help keep you safe on ladders and step ladders
  • Allow you to keep 3 points of contact on the ladder at all times
  • Prevent you from using old bits of rope to hang tools
  • Stop you from using unsecured hooks to attach paint tins and buckets