Knipex 95 18 200 SBA 8 in. Insulated Copper and Aluminum Twin Cutting Edge Cable Shears

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Knipex 95 18 200 SBA 8 in. Insulated Copper and Aluminum Twin Cutting Edge Cable Shears.

Professionals trust their tools. This trust is vital when working on electrical installations. The insulation of Knipex insulated and insulating tools is designed in accordance with national and international standards to reduce risk of injury if the tools make contact with an energized source with voltage up to 1000 volts. Knipex insulated and insulating tools meet or exceed the IEC 60900 and ASTM F1505 standards for insulated tools and comply with NFPA-70E. They are clearly marked with the official 1000-volt rating symbol.

Knipex Cable Shears are ideal for cutting copper and aluminum cables. The double cutting edge allows a comfortable handle position in all cutting situations inside the specified cutting capacity. The precision ground, hardened blades provide an easy, clean, precise cut without damaging, crushing or deforming the cable. Crafted from high-grade special tool steel, these shears offer easy cutting with one hand and include a pinch and slip guard to maximize safety during the job. They also feature an adjustable bolted joint paired with a self-locking screw to minimize effort on workpieces. These shears are available with dipped, comfort or insulated grips.


  • For cutting copper and aluminum cables
  • Not suitable for steel wire and hard drawn copper conductors
  • Precision ground, hardened blades
  • Clean and smooth cut without crushing and deformation
  • Easy cutting with one-hand operation
  • Initial and final cut (upper and lower blade) allows cables of up to 20 mm dia. to be cut
  • Less effort required due to favourable lever ratio and special blade geometry
  • Pinch guard prevents operators fingers being pinched
  • Adjustable bolted joint, self-locking
  • High-grade special tool steel; forged, oil-hardened


Cutting CapacityCopper Cable, Multiple-Stranded (diameter): 51/64 inch
Length8 inches
Weight0.798 lbs
Model No.95 18 200 SBA