Kapro 896G P5 ProLaser Dot Green Laser

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Kapro 896G P5 ProLaser Dot Green Laser

Kapro's 896G is a green beam laser with a 5-dot pattern. Green beams are significantly brighter and easier for the human eye to detect than red lasers, especially in indoor conditions. The 896G laser projects a horizontal dot, right and left 90° dots, and plumb up and down dots. It comes with a multi-function base that can be used to mount the laser with a hanging hole, Velcro strap, or strong magnets. It is ideal for wall stud layout, electrical outlet and switch layout, framing rooms, doors, and windows, carpentry, and vertical and horizontal alignments.


  • Green laser with 5 dot beams including up and down plumb dots
  • Self-Leveling Range ±3 Deg
  • Accuracy 0.3mm/m
  • Tripod Ready 1/4″ Thread
  • Indoor Laser Range 65'