Kapro 894-04G Green Beam Laser Detector

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Jobs that require high accuracy, long range use requires Kapro 894-04G Green Beam Laser Detector. Unless projected onto a solid surface, laser beams require a target to be highly visible. This handy detector has an outdoor range of up to 165 ft (50m), and is used to locate GREEN laser beams with laser levels on pulse mode. It has a high accuracy of +/- 1.5 mm (Low accuracy of +/-2.5 mm). It gives off both visible and audible indicators when level has been found for ease of long-range use. 9V batteries and clamp are included.

*Pair with the 840 Green BeamFinder™ Glasses for outstanding visibility on any job site.


  • Outdoor range of 165 feet (50 m)
  • High accuracy of +/- 1.5 mm; Low accuracy of +/- 2.5 mm
  • Has both visual and audible indicators
  • 9V battery and clamp included
  • For use with GREEN lasers on pulse mode


  • 9-Volt Battery