Kapro 393 Professional Digital Level

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Kapro 393 Professional Digital Level provides precise, on the go leveling in your pocket. This small wonder is accurate to ±0.1 at level and plumb; ±0.2 at other angles. The LCD display is back-lit for no stress reading and comes with automatic inversion for rapid floor to ceiling usage. Its magnetic base provides you with a secure grip and no-fall security on the job site. If the Digi Pro isn’t in your toolbox, it should be.


  • Digital accuracy at level & plumb: ±0.1°; Digital accuracy at other angles: ±0.2°
  • LCD display with back-light
  • Automatic digit inversion - for 180° floor to ceiling usage
  • Magnetic base for no-fall protection
  • Pocket size for on the go, no-hassle use