Kapro 350 Pipe Level Set (5-Piece)

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Kapro 350 Pipe Level Set (5-Piece) has devised a simple way to level pipes: a round, spring-loaded pipe level that clips on and stays on and let's you keep your hands free for doing the job. This is the perfect tool for Plumbers, Electricians, HVAC specialists and anyone who wishes to improve the accuracy and speed of their work.

Available in sets of 5 different sizes, these levels fit all standard PVC, copper, and stainless steel pipes. They are made of a tough, flexible polymer extrusion, with a vertical and horizontal vial. For setting and measuring slopes, they come with two painted lines on each side of the horizontal vial.


  • Designed for use with standard metal and plastic pipe sizes
  • Spring loaded for easy click-on attachment
  • 2 easy-to-read vials - 1 horizontal - 1 vertical
  • 2% sloping lines in horizontal vial