Kapro 313-24 24 in. Measure Mate

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Kapro 313-24 24 in. Measure Mate is a versatile home improvement tool for decoration, carpentry, electrical, and plumbing jobs.

The Measure Mate is a sturdy triangular level and straight edge ruler, with sliding markers and knife guide. It features zero and center point scales, Three screened scales: Imperial, Imperial Center, Metric plus standard plumbing and electrical scales. A convenient sliding knife guide, detachable nail gripper and drill bit diameter gauge make it easier and quicker to do the job right. 

The Measure Mate is the ideal tool for home improvement jobs like leveling pictures & mirrors, setting cabinets & shelves, cutting & aligning wallpaper, and positioning power sockets & faucets. All screened scales measure up to the levels.


  • Sturdy triangular profile
  • 2 Zero & center point scales + 2 Easy to read vials
  • Sliding markers for setting and transferring measurements
  • Sliding knife guide for safe and accurate cutting
  • Nail gripper & drill bit gauge included