HONDA HS720C 20 in. Single-Stage Semi-Self Propelled Gas Snow Blower with SNOW DIRECTOR Chute

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HONDA HS720C 20 in. Single-Stage Semi-Self Propelled Gas Snow Blower with SNOW DIRECTOR Chute is compact and convenient. The all new HS720C offers the performance of a larger snow blower with the benefits of a single stage unit. At only 40.3 kg (88.8 lb), the HS720C is lightweight and manoeuvrable. It is powered by a powerful, easy to start and fuel efficient GC190, 4-stroke, overhead cam (OHC) Honda premium residential engine and it clears a 20-inch (50.8-cm) path. Since the auger-assist drive helps pull you along on most surfaces and cleans close to the surface without damaging it, it is perfect for walkways, paved and interlocking-stone driveways.

*Throw distance varies with snow conditions.


  • Single-stage, semi-self propelled auger drive, clears a 20 in/51 cm width, 12 in/30.5 cm high.
  • Honda premium residential engine GC190, 4-stroke, overhead cam (OHC).
  • SnowDirector chute control for easy control of distance and direction.
  • Use for residential snow removal.
  • High capacity snow removal - up to 45 metric tons/hr (50 tons/hr).
  • Extra large starter grip to accommodate gloves or mittens.
  • Large fuel cap and fuel opening make it easy to re-fuel, even with gloves on.
  • Designed for ease of maintenance. Draining the engine oil and fuel are easy.
  • The spark plug is very easy to access for replacement.
  • Durable metal chute and auger with replaceable rubber paddles.


Discharge TypeSingle Stage
Axle TypeWheel
Drive TypeAuger Assist
Maximum Ground SpeedN/A
Clearing Width50.8 cm (20.0 in)
Intake Housing Height30.5 cm (12.0 in)
Auger Diameter23.0 cm (9.1 in)
Auger TypeRubber Edge
Auger DriveBelt
Auger HeightAdjustment Scraper Bar
Chute RotationRemote Manual Lever
Chute Turning Radius204°
Deflection ControlRemote Manual Lever
Chute MaterialSteel
Maximum Throw Distance110 m (32.8 ft)
Clearing Snow Volume Capacity (Approximate)Up to 45 metric tons/hr (50 tons/hr)
Engine Type4-stroke; OHC; Single Cylinder
Honda Engine ModelGC190
Displacement187 cc (11.4 CID)
Ignition SystemTransistorized Magneto
Recoil StarterStandard
Electric StarterN/A
Lubrication SystemForced Splash
Oil Capacity0.58 Litre (20.4 fl. Imp. oz)
Recommended FuelRegular Unleaded Gasoline (87 Octane)
Fuel Capacity1.1 Litre (38.7 fl. Imp. oz)
Operational Time per Tankful1.0 Hour
Wheel/Tire Size17.8 cm (7.0 in)

Dimensions and Weights

Item Length:126.0 cm (49.6 in)
Item Width:53.0 cm (20.9 in)
Item Height:103.0 cm (40.6 in)
Item Weight:40.3 kg (88.8 lb)