HONDA BPR5ES NGK-R Replacement Standard Resistor Spark Plug

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HONDA BPR5ES NGK-R Replacement Standard Resistor Spark Plug.


  • Trivalent coating to resist corrosion against moisture and chemicals
  • Easier starting and less fouling
  • Triple-gasket sealing process
  • Copper core
  • OE quality approved with NGK consistent performance and durability
  • Pure alumina silicate ceramic insulator, providing superior strength and better heat transfer
  • Solid terminal nut
  • Corrugated ribs help prevent misfire
  • Fits Honda engines CV160A0, GCV160LA0, GCV160LE, GCV190A, GCV190LA, GCV520U, GCV530, GCV530R, GCV530U, GSV190LA, GX120K1, GX120U1, GX120UT1, GX160K1, GX160RT1, GX160U1, GX160UT1, GX200, GX200U, GX200UT, GX240, GX240K1, GX240R1, GX240R2, GX240RT1, GX240U1, GX240U2, GX240UT1, GX240UT2, GX270, GX270R, GX270RT, GX270RT2, GX270U, GX270U2, GX270UH, GX270UT, GX270UT2, GX340K1, GX340R1, GX340R2, GX340RT1, GX340RT2, GX340U1, GX340U2, GX340UT1, GX340UT2, GX390K1, GX390K2, GX390R1, GX390R2, GX390RT1, GX390RT2, GX390U1, GX390U2, GX390UH1, GX390UT1, GX390UT2, GXV120, GXV140, GXV160, GXV160A1, GXV160H2, GXV160K1, GXV160UA1, GXV160UH2, GXV270, GXV340, GXV340A2, GXV340K1, GXV340K2, GXV340UA2, GXV390, GXV390A1, GXV390K1, GXV390UA1, GXV520U, GXV530, GXV530R, GXV530U, GXV610, GXV620.


Item ModelBPR5ES
Honda Item No.98079-55846
Thread Diameter14mm
Reach19mm (3/4")
Thread Pitch1.25mm
Hex Size21mm (13/16")
Gap0.9mm (0.035")
Seat TypeGaset
Thread MaterialNickel
Heat Rating No.5