Henry Bakor Aqua-Bloc 770-06 18.9-Litre Elastomeric Liquid Cold Weather or Trowel Waterproof Membrane

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The Henry Bakor Aqua-Bloc 770-06 18.9-Litre Elastomeric Waterproof Membrane is a one component elastomeric waterproofing compound designed to replace conventional hot mop felt ply and/or pre-formed sheeting systems. It is applied in a single application, which cures through solvent evaporation to provide a heavy-duty “seamless” rubber-like, impervious membrane. It is perfect for use on concrete, masonry foundation walls, parking decks, planters and reflective pools. Use with Yellow Jacket reinforcing fabric to treat cracks and joints. Heavy bodied trowel grade coating to provide seamless rubberized asphalt membrane.


  • Seamless rubberized asphalt membrane
  • Excellent adhesion to most construction surfaces such as concrete, stone, wood, cement and metal
  • Retains flexibility over a wide temperature range
  • Cold applied requires no special equipment, such as kettles
  • Resistant to mild acid, alkalis, salt and calcium chloride solutions
  • Easily transported to small or “hard to get at” applications