GROZ BPL/RT/5T 5-Ton Quick Change Ratcheting Gear Puller

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The GROZ BPL/RT/5T 5-Ton Quick Change Ratcheting Gear Puller spreads from 4 in. to 6 in. It is used to remove worn out gears and bearings from a shaft. The arms that hook behind the gear or bearing and a center screw. It is easy to switch between 2-Jaw and 3-Jaw options without extra tools.


  • Quick & convenient to use Gear Puller up to 5X quick than traditional pullers
  • Jaws can also be reversed for internal or external pulling of gears & bearings
  • Slim profile of jaws enables convenient access to hard to reach bearings & gears
  • Jaws forged from Chrome Molybdenum steel with accurate heat treatment for enhanced strength & wear resistance
  • Used to pull out gears, pulleys, bearing flanges & fly wheels, shafts and housings


Maximum Reach6.0 Inch
Maximum Reach150 Millimetres
Spread3.9 to 6.0 Inches
Spread100 to 150 Millimetres
Safe Working Load5 Ton (4535.92 kg)