Goldblatt G08367 Gorilla Gripper Panel Carrier

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The Goldblatt G08367 Gorilla Gripper Panel Carrier is a unique construction tool that allows one person to lift and carry heavy sheet goods (such as plywood, drywall, particleboard, melamine, tempered glass and granite) from the top, with much less strain and greatly reduced risk of injury to the back, neck, shoulders, arms & hands! The gripper works by clamping onto the top of the material, creating a sturdy temporary handle for the person who is carrying them. It allows the user to lift and move them with a straight back, eliminating the requirement of bending over to get under the bottom, thus avoiding the torqued back and the aches and pains that are far too familiar to construction workers and do-it-yourself. Rubber gripping pads mounted on both plates protect the surfaces of the materials from being damaged or marred. The leverage created by the weight of the panel and the unique jaws of the Gorilla Gripper make it easy for one person.


  • One person, one hand
  • Rate up to 100 pounds
  • High-strength gripper plates
  • Max thickness: 3/4 in. (22 mm)


Country of OriginChina
Inner Length (in.)
5.31 in.
Width (in.)
4.72 in.
Height (in.)
7.28 in.
Weight (lb.)1.9 lb.