Gekko 24 in. x 600 ft. Protective Countertop Film

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Gekko 24 in. x 600 ft. Protective Countertop Film is a 3mil (nominal) self-adhering protective film against scuffs, abrasions, dirt, grim and spills. Ideal application for hard surfaces such as countertop, tubs, sinks, marble, ceramic, granite, tile, glass, vinyl, laminates and more. Gekko is easy to apply and removes without any adhesive residue left behind. May be left on surface up to 45 days.


  • Up to 45 days protection
  • Protects against scratches & dirt
  • Suitable for countertops & tile
  • Easy to apply & remove
  • No residue after removal
  • Saves clean up time & expense
  • Recyclable


Size24 in. x 600 ft.
Thickness3 mil nominal
FilmLow Density Polyethylene
Adhesion typeFormulated Water-based Acrylic
Adhesion Level5-9 oz./ in.
Tensile StrengthMD > 1740 psi, CD > 2030 psi
Temperature (ideal)20°C or 70°F
Humidity (Ideal)50%
ElongationMD > 350%, CD > 600%
Chemical NameAcrylic PSA Tapes
Chemical FamilyAcrylic PSA Polyethylene Film
Before ApplicationGekko protective film is engineered with water-based adhesive for laminate and granite only. Ensure application to clean & dry surface to prevent residue. Do not apply in settings where curing has not been completed. Please ask for Gekko disclaimer for more details.