Forming System 18 kg White Release Grease

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Forming System 18 kg White Release Grease is a premium form release agent used in specialty applications in precast, ornamental, and foundation concrete forming. We developed this grease to be used primarily as a form coating and rust preventative. It has strong natural rust preventative qualities, yet can be removed easier than typical lithium and aluminum greases. As a natural concrete component, it can be used on forms without risk of concrete staining. Although not designed for wear-intensive applications such as bearings, it’s smooth buttery texture makes it ideal to apply as a protectant layer to minimize metal corrosion.


  • NLGI Grade 1, 165 cSt Formulation
  • Water resistance for service in wet conditions
  • Effective against rust and oxidation
  • Will not stain most surfaces including concrete
  • Greater biodegradability and less environmental impact than most other greases
  • Applications: Corners, Inner cores, Form joints, Intricate surfaces, Rust protection, Pipe ends


AppearanceWhite, Smooth
Dropping Point, °CASTM D2265 / 185°C+
Worked Penetration, 60 Strokes, dmmASTM D217 / 275-295
Rust ProtectionASTM D1743