Fomo P10726C Handi-Foam ASTM-E84 Class 1A Low-Pressure Polyurethane Quick Cure 2-Part Spray Foam

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Fomo P10726C 19 sq./m Handi-Foam ASTM-E84 Class 1(A) Low-Pressure Polyurethane Quick Cure 2-Part Spray Foam is a two-component system designed to fill and insulate large voids and surfaces. This sealant in a 41 lb cylinder container, is made of polyurethane material. It takes 1 hour of curing time. It has a specification gravity of 1.2. This sealant acts as a continuous air barrier. It ensures improved indoor air quality. This sealant offers broad coverage over 205 ft. (19 sq./m) area. Sealant with a flash point of 240 deg F is very safe. It has an application temperature range of 40 to 100 deg F and performance temperature range of -200 to 200 deg F. Sealant is GREENGUARD Gold certified and meets ESR 2717, CCMC #13455-L, NFPA 286 standards.


  • Properly applied Handi-Foam E84 reduces energy consumption, leading many homes or buildings to be certified in their respective energy designation
  • Two-component low-pressure polyurethane spray foams are packaged with an A-component and B-component cylinder
  • Handi-Foam E84 is available in a variety of disposable and refillable sizes and is dispensed using the patented Handi-Gun® Dispensing Unit
  • Handi gun and nozzles are solvent-resistant and can be cleaned with approved solvents
  • GREENGUARD Gold certified, ESR 2717, CCMC