Fiskars 770060 Drywallers Retractable Utility Knife

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Fiskars 770060 Drywallers Retractable Utility Knife is derived from a trusted and recognized brand to help you get the job done. The integrated jab saw allows you to easily punch through drywall and carve holes. The reinforced metal end provides a sturdy, reliable tool for knocking out loose drywall, and sinking nails and screws. Smart design ensures that both the blade and the jab saw deploy from the same end to reduce potential accidents from blades deployed at both ends simultaneously. Changing blades is simple with push-and-slide button actuation and a magnet keeps the blades in place. The knife hinges open for easy access and convenient cleaning of drywall dust and debris. There’s also storage capacity for two extra blades.


  • 2-in-1: Jab Saw & Retractable Knife
  • CarbonMax blades stay sharp longer than the competition - even carbide
  • Full-body metal construction tested to withstand drops and impacts
  • Ergonomic design supports multiple grips for whatever the job demands
  • Reinforced metal end
  • Offers blade storage
  • Laboratory tested and verified


  • (1) CarbonMax Utility Knife Blade
  • (1) Jab Saw Blade