DYNA 4500 3.78-Liter DYNAMATRIX WB-1 Pavers and Slabs Gloss Finish Water-Based Liquid Sealer

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DYNA 4500 3.78-Liter DYNAMATRIX WB-1 Pavers and Slabs Gloss Finish Water-Based Liquid Sealer is a high end Acrylic Sealant specifically designed to protect and enhance the look of Interlocking Concrete Pavers and Slabs. It penetrates deeply into the substrate for a maximum protection against most stains (oil, gasoline, gum, tar, rubber, rust, etc.) while rendering a clear wet look finish. Carefully blended with thermoplastic resins, DYNAMATRIX® WB-1 SEALANT is suitable for use in all weather conditions. It will offer you a rich and durable finish that withstands heat, sun, salts, frost and all aggressive weather elements. It will not peel, delaminate or yellow. Low VOC, blush resistance and low odour. Highly abrasion resistant.


  • Low VOC, low blushing resistance, low odour
  • Clear Wet Look Finish, enhances the colors of the treated surface
  • Penetrates deeply for better and more durable protection against stains
  • Reduces damages due to freeze-thaw cycles
  • Resists all weather elements (sun, rain, frost, heat, salt, etc.)
  • Will not trap moisture
  • Stabilizes the jointing sand
  • Reduces moulds and moss growths
  • Does not peel or yellow
  • High blush abrasion resistance
  • Meets regulations, including OTC, Maricopa County, and California (CARB), EPA SCAQMD, NOTC
  • 150 to 200 square feet per 3.78 L (1 gallon) depending on the surface treated
  • For interior and exterior uses (UV stable), it can be applied on colored porous concrete surfaces such as: Interlocking Concrete Pavers, Exposed Aggregate Surfaces, Stamped or Patterned Concrete, Natural and decorative veneers


ColourTranslucent / white
Odour and AppearanceAcrylic odour
Flash Point> 100 °C / 212 °F
Specific Gravity1.1 g/ml
Water SolubilityDilutable
Freezing Point0 °C
Melting PointNot applicable
Vapour Density (Air = 1)
pH8.5 - 9.5