DuraDrive NIOSH-approved (TC-84A-5409) N95 Industrial Disposable Dust Masks with Exhalation Valve (10-Pack)

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The DuraDrive NIOSH-approved (TC-84A-5409) N95 Industrial Dust Masks with Exhalation Valve provides reliable respiratory protection against non-oil based particulates while featuring a convenient ventilation system. The exhalation valve reduces heat build-up, enabling more comfortable breathability for the user. A snug and secure seal is also maintained through the flanged edge, adjustable nose clip and firm two-strap hold. However, that’s not all; comfortability is also achieved to enable longer duration of use. Featuring soft nylon straps instead of plastic, avoids pulling of hair and skin, while the soft inner foam also provides cushioning for the nose. Through innovative technology, the DuraDrive NIOSH-approved (TC-84A-5409) N95 Industrial Disposable Vented Respirator with Exhalation Valve offers an exceptional user experience, improving efficiency and workflow.


  • APPROVED: NIOSH-approved (TC-84A-5409) for at least 95% filtration efficiency against non-oil based particulates.
  • INNOVATIVE: Exhalation valve allows for more comfortable breathability through hot or humid working conditions.
  • Adjustable Aluminum nose clip for creating a tight and custom seal to the users face for maximum protection
  • ENHANCED SEAL: A flanged edge around the full circumference of the respirator provides a snug and secure seal.
  • ADJUSTABLE FIT: An aluminum nose clip enables the respirator to be easily adjusted and conformed to the user, offering a custom fit.
  • COMFORTABILITY: Soft and stretchable nylon straps avoid pulling of hair or skin. Soft foam found on the inner side of the nose clip provides enhanced cushioning.
  • DURABLE: Straps feature welded point attachment, reaching a longer lifespan.


Quantity per Pack10-Pack
NIOSH CertificationTC-84A-5409