DuraDrive HD40 12 in. Adjustable Tension Hacksaw

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DuraDrive HD40 12 in. Adjustable Tension Hacksaw is designed with superior quality. The rectangular section of the tubular bow ensures perfect combination of rigidity and balance. The Aluminium die-cast handle,unbreakable in normal use provides a comfortable grip and also directs pressure in the correct line of thrust for maximum efficiency.


  • Easily adjustable aluminum construction with a rectangular steel crossbar for maximum durability.
  • Saw tensions up to 30,000 PSI – ?ve times more than any conventional hacksaw.
  • Amongst the most versatile and durable frames in the market, the blade can be mounted at 90° and 45° for ?ush cutting applications.
  • Adjustable for 10 in. or  12 in. blade
  • 12 in. blade is included
  • For general purpose use, 24 TPI blades are recommended (TPI - Teeth per inch / 25mm)


Sections and SizesHard Materials: Alloy steel, High Carbon Steel, SS SteelMedium to Soft Materials: Mild Steel, Cast Iron, Aluminium, Brass
Up to 3mm32 TPI32 TPI
3mm - 6mm24 TPI24 TPI
6mm - 12mm24 TPI18 TPI
12mm - 25mm18 TPI14 TPI