DuraDrive Drum Level Indicator

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DuraDrive Drum Level Indicator with display from 0-210L (0-55 Gallons) provides a convenient mean to check remaining fluid level in a 55-GAL (210 L) drum and is suitable for use with Oil, Fuel, Water, Based Fluids, Coolants, etc.

NOTE That this is not a precise measuring device. Gauge is only to give an approximate/ indicative level of liquid in the drum.


  • Fits the smaller 3/4” hole on drums, leaving the 2” hole free for installing pumps.
  • Float has a Polyethylene construction which allows it to be used with a wide range of liquids including water , coolants etc. in addition to oils & fuels.
  • Face of the Indicator is fitted with a display marked from 0 to 210 litres which can be reversed to graduation in gallon from 0 to 55 gallons