DuraDrive 30 ft. Lifeline CSA Standard 3-Point Full Body Harness and Lanyard Roofer Kit

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DuraDrive 30 ft. Lifeline CSA Standard Roofer Kit with Lanyard. This kit configured by application and working environment making it easy to choose the right product for the job. All kit components are certified to the applicable CSA standards. This kit come in a waterproof pail for convenient storage.


  • Roofer kit
  • AD rope grab
  • Temporary roof bracket
  • 20L pail
  • Full body harness


  • (1) 3 Point Full-body harness - 400 lb. capacity
  • (1) Reusable Roof Bracket
  • (1) 30ft. Vertical Lifeline
  • (1) Waterproof Pail
  • (1) Lanyard