DURACELL PC1300 Alkaline 1.5-Volt PROCELL D-Cell Battery (12-Pack)

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DURACELL PC1300 Alkaline 1.5-Volt PROCELL D-Cell Battery (12-Pack) are manufactured specially for professional and industrial applications; these batteries are among the most dependable and long lasting alkaline power cells available. Value priced bulk quantities equate to substantial savings. Secure seal corrosion resistance protects valuable, sensitive equipment. This convenient 12 pack of Duracell Procell D batteries is perfect for providing your workplace with the power you need. Each Procell battery features a 7 Year Shelf Life that makes this pack great to store away for emergency use. The Procell D cells each have a fantastic 12000mAh capacity that will keep your tools and electronic devices running when you need them most. Procell batteries are designed for hard use, and with superior manufacturing and a full temperature operating range, they are a fantastic utility for your job site or workplace.


  • Alkaline batteries manufactured and packaged specifically for use in professional, industrial environments
  • High quality
  • Value priced bulk quantities
  • Secure seal corrosion resistance
  • Date coded
  • Same high quality as Duracell Coppertop
  • General purpose


Battery SizeD
Contained Battery TypeAlkaline
Battery Voltage1.5V
Capacity12,000 mAh
Battery Terminal TypeButton Top
Battery Shelf Life6-8 Years