CUTTINGEDGE Pro PowerMelt+ 20kg Ice Melter Blend

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CUTTINGEDGE Pro PowerMelt+ 20kg Ice Melter Blend is pet safe ice melter. It was created to specifically meet the challenging needs of winter in New England. Cutting Edge Pro PowerMelt +, manufactured with Breakthrough Infusion Technology, is a proprietary formula of pet-safer ice melt made from a three-way blend of sodium chloride crystals infused with calcium chloride and potassium chloride, creating a pet-friendlier ice melt solution. It can be safer for people and property, melting even in extreme cold temperatures. A non-magnesium product, Cutting Edge Pro PowerMelt + is specially formulated with a corrosion inhibitor to reduce damage to concrete and property. It also contains an anti-caking agent and is coated with a green color indicator to ensure cost-effective, even dispersion. Designed to stay where applied, our pet-safer ice melt won’t track onto carpets and flooring. Its longer shelf life and easy dispersion through a spreader makes our pet-friendlier ice melt a great choice for commercial or residential use, melting ice and snow quickly, and providing non-slip protection, as well as a two-step heating process that provides a long-lasting defense against ice on driveways, sidewalks, steps, or anywhere it’s applied. Our unique UV and water-resistant non-slip packaging provides extra protection for outdoor storage and can last year after year to provide safe and effective ice melt protection.


  • Melts in Extreme Cold Temperatures
  • Pet-Friendlier Ice Melt That Is Also Safer for People and Property
  • Less Harmful to Concrete
  • Less Harmful to Plants
  • Formulated with a Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Non-Caking Agent – to Reduce Clumping
  • Longer Shelf Life
  • Easily Dispersed Through a Spreader
  • Non-Tracking – Designed to Stay Where Applied
  • Fast Ice and Snow Melting Action
  • Non-Magnesium Product
  • Increased Slip Protection
  • Highly Visible Green Color Indicator
  • UV, Non-slip and Water-Resistant Packaging Which is More Resistant to Weather for Outdoor Storage


BrandCutting Edge
Chemicals IncludedCalcium Chloride, Sodium Chloride
Ice Melt FeaturesFast Acting
Lowest Effective Temperature (F)- 12
Package Size (lb.)44 lb.